Sunday, 14 October 2012

A Few Ideas

Previously I have only ever posted recipes on this blog, but recently I've been thinking of a few ideas to add a bit of variety to the posts while keeping it all food related.

First thing is an improvement to the recipe posts. I realise I don't think I've included the number of servings on all recipes so this will be updated. Also it was suggested to me that I include the costs involved in a recipe, for example, by providing the cost per serving.

Also now I'm living independently at University I have complete control over what food I buy, the meals I make and lifestyle/diet choices. So basically my goal is to start living a more healthy lifestyle. I know this isn't going to happen instantly but I plan on changing small things at a time to get to the eventual goal. I thought it might be a good idea to share aspects of this on my blog, for example: the changes I'm making, reasons for choosing healthier options, food hauls, weekly meal plans etc.

Hopefully you'll see some more variety, and more frequent posts! If you have any more ideas or suggestions please leave them as a comment below.

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