Friday, 26 October 2012

Food Haul: Ingredients Shop

Went shopping today with the main purpose being to buy ingredients to make cakes to sell on Monday. My idea was orange flavoured (and coloured) cupcakes decorated as pumpkins, soon as though it's Halloween this week. But I assume most people have simlilar ideas for Halloween themed bakes this week as the orange food colouring was sold out. So instead I found some orange coloured and flavoured chocolate to cover the cupcakes with.

Stork, Orange Flavour Buttons, 2 Oranges,
Green Food Colouring and Dark Chocolate Chips.

Also just used up all my bread, and loved snacking on oatcakes this week so got some more of those. I saw the Oat So Simple going cheap, normally £2.29 a box but was only £1 so I got a couple of those.

Oat So Simple in Golden Syrup and Sweet Cinnamon Flavours,
Granary Bread and Mini Oatcakes.
Finally, I got some more coffee, dinner for Monday night (as my food delivery's coming on Tuesday) and some olives...just because I felt like trying some.

Instant Pasta Meal, Spiced Cappuccino and Green Olives with Herbs and Garlic.
Will try to do a food haul for my next big food delivery on Tuesday, and post the recipe and photos of the cupcakes I make so keep a look out for that.

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